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The Show

At the end of three weeks spent in and around the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, the artists involved in the Crywdro project moved their activities to Clynfyw Countryside Centre, a working farm in Abercych, near Cardigan. Following a further week of experimentation, actions and performances, they presented their work to the public.

The presentation took the form of a series of itinerant performances, installations and actions in the buildings and grounds of Clynfyw.

We have provided the map which was used on the day, as a way of guiding you around the work. This section of the site includes images, video material and sound recordings documenting the work that resulted from the project.

We have also provided the same material in a more ordered form at the foot of the page.

Open the map

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Peter Bodenham: Untitled (Installation)
Stefhan Caddick: Hive (Installation)
Stefhan Caddick: A Side/B Side (Installation)
Jeane Fabb: Cae Nos/Nightfield (Installation)
Maura Hazelden: Tu hwnt I ddeall dyn / Beyond the understanding of man (Action)
Maura Hazelden: Presentation in a Panda (Installation)
Maura Hazelden: secret places (Installation)
Francois Morelli Flag Walks (Performance/Installation)
Francois Morelli Flag Walks #2 (Performance/Installation)
Ben Stammers: Untitled (Action)
Ben Stammers: Untitled (Action #2)
Ben Stammers and Stirling Steward: Untitled (Action #3)
Stirling Steward: Eleven (Performance)
Stirling Steward: Cofiad (a remembering) (Installation)
Stirling Steward: Lion (Video, Sound and Action)
Tedi Tafel: Slowly Rolling Narrative (Action)
Simon Whitehead: Untitled (Action)