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Welcome to the crwydro website

In the Spring of 2003 Crwydro/Wander brought together 9 artists from Wales and artist-run centre Boreal Art/Nature in Quebec for a period of process-led expedition and exchange in the evocative landscapes of the Preseli hills West Wales.

Based in a residential centre in Tycanol, an ancient sessile oak woodland in the foothills of the Preselis, the artists wove a tapestry of exploration, the landscape itself functioning as the primary site and motivation for a rhythmical day and night pursuit of process and perambulation.

This website is a brief introduction to the artists' working processes, as well as a record of the show which resulted at the end of the project. It also contains a review of the final show, and writings by the artists.

This part of the site serves as a brief introduction to some of the artists' working processes. The section is presented as a map, which you can explore to uncover some of the materials, thoughts, images and practices which resulted from this part of the project. The information is also available in a more logically navigable format, at the foot of the page.

This section presents the work which was shown at the culmination of the project, at Clynfyw Countryside Centre in Pembrokeshire. It is also presented as a map and again the information is also presented in an easily accessible form, at the foot of the page.

Our Funders
Crwydro was made possible with the generous support of Wales Arts International, The Arts Council of Wales, and the Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec.

Project devised by Simon Whitehead