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About the process

This part of the site serves as a brief introduction to some of the artists' working processes. The section is presented as a map, which you can explore to uncover some of the images, text, sound and video material which resulted from this part of the project. The information is also available in a more logically navigable format, at the foot of the page.

"Some arrived with strategies, some abandoned themselves to the seemingly aimless act of wandering with a trust that they would be led ‘somewhere’ or find a purpose. What became the substance were the chance encounters with people, paths, places, stones, streams, animals, weather and each other. These assumed prominence in the collective and personal narrative and became signifiers of a multi-layered purpose within the ‘wanderings’.

Wander in many ways became a laboratory for the indeterminate - the pursuit of another, a stream’s course, an existing path, the location of a stone, a bird’s flight, the dawn call - evolved as pervasive strategies leading each artist into a liminal and particular relationship to the land and the horizon. These approaches soon reflected a cultural and personal orientation to this landscape, a kind of aliveness to the conditions.

What endured throughout this process was the collective relationship to movement, to responding to events whilst in motion. What were left were the evanescent maps and interwoven traces left both energetically and perceptually in these hills by newcomers, residents and passers-by. Maps and stories became attributed to the place where they happened, so that the land itself became the primary mnemonic for the weave of process and meaning."

Simon Whitehead. 2004

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A Group Walk
Stefhan Caddick: Sound Recording #1
Stefhan Caddick: Sound Recording #2
Stefhan Caddick: A Provisional Questionnaire for Walkers
Jeane Fabb: Seeking Something..Ty Canol Woods
Jeane Fabb: Seeking Something..Waun Mawr
Jeane Fabb: Seeking Something..Owen
Maura Hazelden: Quest
Maura Hazelden: Heart's Desire
Maura Hazelden: Bro Ty Canol
Francois Morelli: Flag Walks
Stirling Steward: Notebook #1
Stirling Steward: Notebook #2
Stirling Steward: Notebook #3
Stirling Steward: Enclosure
Stirling Steward: Ty Canol Woods
Stirling Steward: Unfurl
Stirling Steward: Cup Marked Stone
Stirling Steward: Carningli
Simon Whitehead: Tracings
Simon Whitehead: Tracings#1 (mp3 300kb)
Simon Whitehead: Tracings#2 (mp3 300kb)
Simon Whitehead: Tracings#3 (mp3 300kb)
Simon Whitehead: Tracings#4 (mp3 300kb)
Simon Whitehead: Tracings#5 (mp3 300kb)